State-of-the-Art tools to analyze ever-growing data for deep insights
High volume data aggregation, in-depth analysis, and accurate reporting are our expertise at Owtis. We address your needs of simple as well as complex data analytics requirements and suggest customized business data analysis solutions. We have worked with companies across various industries like Finance, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. to name a few, and worked on data related to products, services, customers, supply chains, and employees, among others.
Managed Data Analysis:
As part of our managed data analysis service, we collect and process the data to deliver quick one-time or recurrent analytics insights to you customized to your requirement. We can craft for you a long-term data analysis strategy to reap the benefits for a better future of the company.

Analytics Solution Design:
Owtis will help you understand your data analysis requirement and design and implement an analytics solution to address your needs. The data analytics solution will include features such as data visualization, data science, and big data components, etc.
Data Integration and Warehousing:
We will provide you with consultancy on practices related to data integration and train your people in adopting the system responsible for data warehousing. We will do a detailed study and draft guidelines for data governance, data security, quality, availability, etc.

Industry Specific Data Analytics Services:


  • Patient treatment optimization
  • Healthcare insurance fraud monitoring
  • Staff workload prediction
  • Equipment usage optimization
  • Identification of trends and patterns in patient condition


  • Machine effectiveness analysis and optimization
  • Production loss root cause analysis
  • Power consumption forecasting and optimization
  • Product quality optimization


  • Fuel consumption data
  • Real-Time data analytics (cargo temperature, humidity, vehicle parameters, driving behaviors)
  • Vehicle maintenance actions
  • Fleet availability, and employee rosters.

Organization Functions Data Analytics Services:

HR Analytics

  • Performance monitoring and analysis.
  • Experience and satisfaction analysis
  • Hiring strategy analysis and optimization

Sales Analytics

  • Sales trends forecasts
  • Identifying sales patterns
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Analytics to design pricing strategies

Customer Analytics

  • Marketing campaigns results analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Identifying customer lifetime value

Owtis’ proven expertise in data analytics enables you to harness the power of data and allied technologies to unprecedented outcomes for your business. We can help you develop a strong base to optimize your business performance, and commercialize data opportunities.
There are other benefits of data analytics for your business:

  • Provides a strong analysis as a base for crucial decisions
  • Decision making made easy
  • Help uncover new revenue streams
  • Business operations are made more efficient

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