We will be able to identify and measure your organization’s level of vulnerability to fortify against cyber threats, by strategically prioritizing the vulnerabilities and reducing security debt.

At Owtis, we offer risk management solutions as a package of expertise, experience, and deep research on cyber security. We serve organizations of all sizes, by offering affordable and easily implementable security measures.

Our Cyber Security Services include:

Absolute Cyber Security: Virus or data theft, all are security compromises, we can help provide a holistic cybersecurity solution. We always strive to keep our client’s IT infrastructure secured all the time.
Server Data Security: We perform a detailed vulnerability assessment of your server to secure the data stored on it, and provide consultancy on how to access, share, store and recover data securely.
Vulnerability Management: We offer continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure at a reasonable monthly fees. Under this service, we will be offering full coverage encompassing your entire IT landscape.
Email Security: We will implement the email security system so that your organization’s email is protected against unauthorized usage and no trojans or malware enters into the system through any of the employee emails.

Benefits of Cyber Security:

Secure Environment
You can be free of any stress and focus more on your work if you are working within a secure environment. We make sure that there are minimum interruptions and maximum uptime due to potential cyber security risks.
Cost-Effective Operations
The cost of recovering from a security breach is too high compared to security implementations. It not only interrupts your work but also takes time to retain the original situation. You can save a lot of cost and unsolicited interruptions using Cyber Security services.
Structured Remediation
When a Cyber Security expert is working with you, you can be assured of a timely remedy to a security issue due to a structured remedial process in place. Also, long term association helps an expert to identify and troubleshoot the issue quickly.
Owtis helps reduce security risk by eliminating the vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure and code. We have top-of-the-line tools, along with best practices training. We work with large public, private, and start-up companies and help them work in a secured environment. Contact Us to learn more.

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