Proven expertise, methodologies and tools

As an organization you need a clearer roadmap about your needs, and how information technology as a tool can help you achieve those. This is where we come in the picture. We understand your business, your current requirement as well as your future requirements, and based on that we will advise an IT strategy to follow, so that you can stay focused towards your core business functions.

We have proven track record in crafting an IT strategy based on individual business requirement, which has helped organization become more productive, efficient, profitable and cost effective.

Some of our IT Consulting services encompasses following areas:

Web Development:
As we have enormous experience with testing various softwares across the industries, we have good understanding of what features a website or web portal should have in order to fulfill the visitor requirements, and what crucial factors one should consider while developing it. We will be able to develop a complete roadmap for your web development project.
CRM Applications:
A good CRM application has become foremost requirement of any company. It helps in growth of business as well as keeping up with customers. We can do an end-to-end integration of a CRM which is most suitable for your needs, and help you automate marketing, sales and customer support. We have expertise in integration of Salesforce, PipeDrive and other CRMs, and can help you develop a custom CRM application.

Digital Operations:
Every business has a different set of requirements when it comes to operations and digitalization of these operations. It could be related to just one of the business segments or across all business segments, and we have complete expertise in providing a holistic solution for digital operations, right from assessment, hardwares, softwares, process optimizations, resource management, policies, training, etc.
IT Service Management:
We understand that it could be really tiresome for organizations to chase around various IT vendors for your needs. Hence, we have come up with this unique concept where you state your requirement to our experts, and we will liaison with the best vendors available to fulfill your needs.

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